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New York joins Louisiana and South Carolina in enacting Raise the Age legislation (pending implementation).

Three states have passed legislation to incrementally implement reforms to raise the age of delinquency jurisdiction to join the majority of states that set it at age 17, notwithstanding age and offense transfer exceptions.  

  1. Louisiana raises the age through 17 for some youth on 7/1/18, and others on 7/1/20.
  2. New York raises the age through 16 on 10/1/18 and through age 17 on 10/1/19.
  3. South Carolina's upper age raises through age 17 on 7/1/19. Pending implementation, only 6 states would not consider any conduct of a 17-year-old delinquent.

Pending implementation (which extends through 7/1/20 in Louisiana to be fully realized) only 6 states would not consider any conduct of a 17-year-old delinquent (Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin).  

Explore the upper age of delinquency jurisdiction and contrast it to lower ages and extended ages of jurisdiction one place on the Juvenile Justice GPS, Delinquency Age Boundaries map and drill into state details like these for Texas.

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